We, as Keçeci Brothers, we started doing business in 1986. On one hand we aimed to contribute to our family, on the other hand to Dalyan, where we were born and grown up.

Since economical geography is conveniable and in order to reply to the economical demands of those days, we started our first enterpreneurship by cotton production that our father started and hand-overed us. Following that business, in parallel to the historical and geographical caracteristics of our region, we followed our enterpreneurships in tourism and in construction sectors, both as a supplier and as a constructor.

Whatever is the sector in which we maintain our activites, we never forgot how important is the earth and how important is the nature. What we have always kept in our heart is being faithfull to the earth all in the most contemporary, the most scientific and the most esthetical way.  

On 1999, we brought into service our restaurant with a natural environment and we named it Toprak Ana (the Mother Earth).

We aimed to cultivate our own products on our own fields, using the local earth, the local water. We also aimed to rander a wider service to the market. Then we began to POMGRANATE production and to horticulture in 1999.

We know that the man-kind should not shoot himself in the foot, that he should act with the common sense, that he should give back to the earth, to the water and to the air what he takes out of them, otherwise he will not be able to survive in a healty manner within the ecological cycle.

We do follow those principles. We work without causing to any chemical pollution neither to our earth, neither to our water, nore to our air. We produce by using the energy that the Sun gives us generously.

We feel very happy when our guests, when the Dalyan lovers living here and when all the people that we can reach are nourrished with our products, cultivated in a natural manner and gained their tastes in our love.

The doors of our garden are wide open to any time to any body….




  • To offer our products we cultivate delicately on the fertile earth of Dalyan to our guests, thus to add pleasure to their holiday,
  • To give them the opportunity to offer of those products to people they love,
  • To transmit those products by means of the internet to the people who could not yet have the opportunity to come to Dalyan



  • Starting from the selection of the seeds, up to the service to the tables, we should work by our own hands,
  • Along with the production process, we should choose carefully all the material we use.
  • We should protect our earth, our water and our air from all kinds of pollution,
  • We should keep our boutique family enterprise producer title, and keep our product quality and capacity at the same level,
  • While the POMEGRANATES we produce - in accordance with the international Globel Galb standarts and the local İTU standarts -  are exported by an exporter to abroad, we aim to distribute them to the local consumers from the first hand.



  • Based up on our love towards the nature,
  • to expand our product range,
  • To enrich what we offer taking into
  • consideration the opinions of our guests,
  • To stay faithful to our faithful lover earth,
  • To transform the fertility in our earth
  • into a taste in the mouths
  • and into a health in the bodies.